Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OHS 3x5
Top load: 100# PR

Snatch Balance
Top load: 40#

PR alert! I threw 100lbs overhead for the first time ever last week. I did it again today, 3 times, and squatted it! yipee! Overheads are becoming fun! :) Except when I go to put on my suit jackets...I'm starting to bust out of them in the shoulder/lat area. Oh well. :) The sacrafices we make to be strong.

The lifts felt awesome today--we worked up and it looked like this 55, 65, 85, 95, 100
Worked the snatch balance for sheer skill today.

A little extra were some mountain climbers, flutter kicks, GH situps, back extensions.

What a way to start a tuesday! :)

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Mark said...

Gabes - You are an animal. Congrats.