Wednesday, November 4, 2009


5 rounds
max strict press (55#)
max strict pullups

Strict presses felt pretty strong today and my max number of reps was in round 2- 11 reps. Pullups-oh my enemy. A few weeks ago I got my first strict. I was hoping to do one each round, but I couldn't even get halfway up. WEAK! It was uber frustrating. I just did a few attempts each round and didn't really bother to record anything today. I even skipped out on the Annie extra. Double unders need more work. Today I was just not in the mood to even deal with the weaknesses today. I guess sometimes that just happens.

On the bright side, I joined Nikki for a spin class at Golds' last night. The instructor is crazy entertaining and I got in a nice solid ride. I felt strong and pushed myself and I needed a good sweat. It was nice to know that in that room I could not only outride all the other women, but that I could out deadlift, squat, clean, jerk, all of them. Ha. I love being crossfit. :p

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