Thursday, November 19, 2009

Strict Press 5X

strict press

It's no secret that this is not an easy lift for us ladies and there are no big numbers here.A month ago I hit 75 for 1x so I wasn't expecting much this morning. Warmed up the bar at 35, then hit 55,65. Then I put 70 on the bar, selling myself short again...only expecting to crank out 2-3. I hit 4 solid reps, and almost got the fifth. I lost core tension and dropped the elbows. Ooops. Had to try this again. Hit it 5 perfect reps the second time around. 70lbs for 5 reps.

I love seeing the SERIOUS overhead strength gains this month!

AMRAP in 15min
5 pullups
10 perfect pushups
15 DUs

Hit 5 rounds. I got the DU's back! I really worked these today and made sure I got 15 perfect ones each round. Not sure why I was struggling with these this summer, but some days things just click. And you learn you can't be perfect at every move every day--but some days you can! :)

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