Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday and HURT LOCKER

So in my last post you see that I hit HANSEN at 1715 on Wednesday. Thinking I was all that and and even more, I decided that it would be a good idea to hit 0515 on Thursday morning. Um, no. BAD idea.

Hero workout then 12 hours later,
Once through for time
450m row, 30 24" box jumps, 15 push jerks @ 65#
360m row, 24 24" box jumps, 12 push jerks @ 65#
270m row, 18 24" box jumps, 9 push jerks @ 65#

The women's rx'd weight was 85#. Considering my max push jerk is 95, I should have been able to do about 75# or 80 for this many reps. Um, after hansen with 150 burpees and the heaviest KB swings I've ever done, it just wasn't happening. I was shooting for 70#, but after 3 reps in, I stripped it to 65#. Not only that, I had no spring in my pull on the row, and I took an epic fall on round 2 of the box jumps. I don't mean "kind of" epic, I mean head first, land in a ball almost crying kind of of fall. Jerry sees me crumbled in a pile and goes, "want to go down to 20"? Heck no. I continue on, luckily no blood.

I almost DNF'd this I felt so awful. Dizzy, lightheaded, nausous. Not good. Is it the DHEA supplements? Is it lack of sleep? Stress? Dehydration? Too many COOKIES/CANDY and carbs? Likely the later.

What I did accomplish in this WOD is character-not quitting. The push jerks were ugly, the row was not fast, I crashed on the boxes...but I did not quit. Clearly I'm not ready to hit a Hero and another WOD in the matter of 12 hours routinely, but I did prove I can do it.

I badly wanted to hit Murph this a.m. Why? Basically to do 3 Hero/Girl WOD's in one week. But, when the alarm went off, I rolled over on my side and I wasn't' just sore, but in pain. It wasn't happening. Instead, I just thought "screw Murph" and decided to honor my own Hero by snuggling up to the amazing husband sleeping soundly next to me. :)

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