Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Veteran's Day 2009. First full day with Chip at home. I couldn't convince him to join me today. Hopefully tomorrow!

So, Jerry prescribed one of the newest Hero workouts, Hansen. Luckily, since CFOT is new to the whole glut/ham development machine, we scaled the GHD part to just 15 reps as opposed to 30 reps. Thank god.

Workout looks like this:
30 Kettle bell swings (45#)
30 burpees
15 GHDs

I hit this workout at 1715 instead of 0515...this always makes me uneasy. Did I eat to much? Hydrate too much/not enough? Makes me nervous. And you get to see the FB banter all day about how much this sucked. I went in anyways.

I wanted to do the 53#'s on the KBswings, but really, I'm not that strong yet. Maybe someday. Went with the 45#'s and it was HEAVY! The burpees went ok today--better than usual. I was able to keep up solid sets of 10 for quite awhile until my knee started really bugging me. Jumping into that squat position on your heels for 150 reps starts to really really hurt when there is no cartilage to pad the bone on bone action. I wish I could magically regrow cartilage. hrumph. The GHD's aren't so hard for me physically. They just make me DIZZY and lightheaded. I've got to figure out how to do more than 15 of these without feeling like blowing chunks.

Total Time: 38:30 I was really happy with this. I was just shooting for less than 40min.
This is definitely a workout I would do again! No pullups! :)

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