Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Max Efforts at CF Will County



Max Pullups

Max Height Box Jump

Max Ring Dips

Max Handstand (for time)

Row 500m for time

I'm home this week visiting friends and family before taking off for Germany in mere days now. I already miss my CFOT family, but hitting an affilitate is not a terrible substitute. CFWC has a great coach and super cool athletes. Today's WOD was a little weird, creative, I would say, but fun nonetheless. We were in teams of three and each of these exercises had a point value, etc, but really I could care less about this. I was a big day in their new box for me.....

OHS-We had 10 minutes for 3 of us to do a max effort. My goal was 100 since I though my last OHS was about 80...wrong it was 100x3. Oh well. I threw 100# up there like it was nobody's business and I thing could easily do 110-115, but we ran out of time.

Max Pullups: 8! 8 solid reps. Previous was 6. I think the secret is getting on a bar that you just can't easily jump right up to. It totally forces you to push yourself harder! We'll try this next week at CFOT. Helps with kipping work to.

Max Dips: 16 on a skinny band. I so want that ua ring dip! I'm sooooooooo close.

Handstand: Chip just taught me how to get up there in the living room last week since he did tons of HSPU in Afghanistan and I would love to do 1 someday. Today we held it for time and I hit 40 seconds. I could so do more if I could figure out to to breathe while doing it.

Box Jumps: Not a stellar effort but hit 34". Chip got 40"---amazing.

Ran 3.5 miles yesterday and would hit it again today but the weather is awful....
Planning to this the box again tomorrow and a turkey trot on Thursday!

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Sean said...

Nice overhead squattin'! Hope to see you dudes before you roll out. We'll have to get a picture with Team 0515 & the Gabes!