Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another PR!

Deadlifts today--boy was I ready for this. I had supermoto after watching CFOT videos from yesterday's WOD.  Plus, my last DL attempts were absolutely pitiful as memoralized in this blog.  My last 1X Max was on October 19th with a PR of 227#.

Today my sets looked like this
165 (3)
185 (3)
205 (2)
225 (1)
235 (1)
240 (1) NEW PR!

The best part is that this was easy. I barely got dizzy at the end and didn't even have the arm shake going on. I think I've totally got my 250# in the bag next time.  I love deadlifts.

Finisher was:
3 Rounds
20 KB swings unbroken (35#)
15 pushups


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Very nice! Congrats on your new PR. That finisher sounds like a nice, fun workout too!