Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Running...how I forgot about you!

400m run
20 box jumps
15 pushups
Time: 26:00

Does this look slow? Yes, why yes it is. Did this at my house in my yard.  The run is straight uphill for 200m. After 75 OHS yesterday those hamstrings were angry! Then box jumps...oh...i forgot how much those are not fun since I haven't done them since December.  Nor have I run outside since then...what a change of pace.  Good news is that the pushups felt great today!

I am thinking about using this as a benchmark WOD for myself for the next few months.  I know the girls and all are good ones too, but given the lack of a box, and a normal pullup bar...well, enough excuses.

The double didn't happen today given I spent all morning at the hospital with Chip for his checkup appointments.  Given the mood I was in when we left, I'm lucky I got a WOD in at all! :)
That place just makes me very very cranky...

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Jason B. said...

Good intensity...keep it up! Also, if there is equipment you need that you cant get shipped by the store, let me know, we'll make it happen!