Saturday, January 15, 2011

Front Squat and KB Madness

WOD 1: Front Squat x2
Top load: 130

WOD 2: Every other minute, for 10 minutes, do 30 kettlebell swings. For every missed rep, 200m spring penalty.

Yes, you read that right.  It was madness.  I used a 35# bell, RX was 45 for women, 70 for men.  I smoked through them though and finished each round just in the knick of time.  By round 4 your forearms don't even know whats going on.  It was one of those WODs where you had to get mean, find your happy place, and embrace the suck.

Saturday is a rest day, but hardly.  A million and one trips up and down the stairs of my new 3 level townhouse.  We got all of our household goods delivered on Monday so we were unpacking boxes all day and moving furniture around. Since nothing has a place or is in the right place you have to trek up and down, up and down...after a whole day its a serious workout!

My husband is a paleo GOD today. It's day 1 of our 30 day challenge. Here's how it looked today:
B-fast: Paleo pancakes (yummy!), all natural, nitrate free bacon, sliced apples on the cakes, and I cut it with a sprinkle of cinnimon.
L: Chicken Fajita Salad.  Chicken, onions, red peppers, on a bed of lettuce w/ tomatoes and Salsa.  Had to skip the avacado because it wasn't ripe! We both crashed a few hours later and realized we forgot the fat part...ooops!
S: A few almonds, small apple, chunk o' jerky. Black Tea.
D: Baked Talapia with rosemary and pecan crust, green beans.  Supposed to eat a salad too, but I can only do one a day, too much lettuce makes me want to vomit. He's having baked salmon (i don't like salmon) salad and green beans.

Watching the Packers vs. Falcons and NOT drinking beer will be tough for us both.

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Angie said...

Had to laugh about your salad comment. I'm the same way. I wish I could love it, but I don't!