Sunday, January 30, 2011

“Anti-in, Double-up”
wod1.) Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes perform 3 picture perfect postural alignment Deadlifts (touch and go preferred). In the remaining minute record as many double-unders as you can. 

Used 155# and did a "few" double unders afterwards. I think my total for the 8 rounds was 50 or so.

wod2.) Run: 3 x ( 200m + 400m)
Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. Example: 200m run in 40 sec. rest 40 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, back to run 200m, rest 200m run time…

I was right on the money at 40sec for the 200m and 2min for the 400.  This was a great little afterparty wod.  your legs were fried from the DL and DUs! 

Wednesday ended up being a rest day due to my stupid stomach that is not liking the paleo so much.  Let's just say its slow to digest so I had to take some medicine to make things happen.  I ended up quite ill that morning. Ugh.   Then we had massive snow that afternoon and into the evening so classes were canceled on Thursday morning.  Friday looked like this: 

Breathing Back Squats

wod1.)  20 rep breathing squat. 2-3 warm up sets at 5 reps then 1 working set at 20!
Suggested load is 75% of 1RM

I should have gone to the full 75% of the 1RM which would have been 125#, but I scaled down to 115#.  I wasn't feeling it on the warmups and didn't want to kill my back. 20 reps is crazy.  This was a super cool WOD that is apparently a throwback to '70s powerlifting days.  You start out and get your 5-8 reps out of the way.  You take a few breaths and get to rep 10...then the work begins.  I cranked out a few more then, you have to start your "breathing".  Big deep breath, do a rep, gasp for breath, take another big breath, do a rep, then gasp for breath.  It's crazy and a huge challenge.

WOD 2.) 12 Minute AMRAP
100 double-under cash-in then…
12 Wallball and XX chest to deck ring pushups
HTFU=12, Infidel=9, Bulldog=6

I think I did 4 rounds of this or so. The wallballs are super easy these days and I'm hitting somewhere above the women's X and the men's line.  Shooting for hitting the higher target these days.  Ring pushups are insane...I went for the 6 reps and just decided I need to seriously start working the pushups. 

Totally had a cheat weekend on the diet.  Both husband and I were ornery, hungry, and at each others throats.  We were out with friends on Friday night, invited to lunch with family on Saturday (who totally do not understand the no carb deal) then Sunday we just cracked. We feel like absolute crap---stomachs are bloated, etc, but damn it we're happy. I hate that when life gets you down turning to food helps to soothe the pain a bit.  I am realizing it doesn't solve anything, usually creates more issues, but well, feeling better temporarily certainly helps. I haven't seen huge movement on the scale as I thought I would.  I was down a solid 5lbs one day, then the next it was right back up there. Pants are fitting much much better and last week wore some pants that hadn't fit in over a year. Why won't the damn scale move though? 

Hoping to make this a 4-5 WOD week with some strict eating again.

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Tamara said...

If the body is changing for the better, don't worry about the numbers. Pants you haven't worn in a year now fit -- enjoy the success, don't stress over the scale!!