Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Fran

really? on a monday at 0515? Silliness, I tell you.

I was a little nervous about Fran--I hit it last at the Milan Cert in May and had a great time of 8:20ish. Great in my book.  Today as I warmed up 65# thrusters were heavy and I was STILL sore from last week.  The overhead part of the thruster was going to keep me down. My goal was a sub 10. I knew that at PR was not in the books today. Nowhere close. Finished in a solid 9 minutes.  I could totally smash 8min on a good day with some more practice on the pullups. Mine are more and more pathetic every day.

We will plan to meet Fran again on a first Friday in 3-4 months and see where we are at.  Had Fran lung all day...hoping for a 1RM day tomorrow.


Angie said...

9 minutes is great!! Congrats!

Angie said...

Erin, a few posts back you asked about suggestions to make you feel more full. More fat is one way to go, just a small amount can make you feel fuller. Don't be afraid to increase your fat intake a bit. Almond Butter is a good fat source - just a tablespoon makes me feel full for a long time. Also, big salads will fill you up pretty well - just be careful of the dressings containing sugar and junk.