Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just stating the facts

Way behind on the blog. Lots and Lots and Lots on my mind. New year, new goals, new house (hence last week's hiatus), new diet (30 days of paleo starting Saturday), and probably a new box.  The house is consuming me, but I wanted to get the stats down.

15 wall balls
20 sledge strikes
25 GHDs
30 DU's
350m row

Had to sub 50 situps for 25 GHDs, 120 SU's for double unders.  Wallballs were actually pretty easy.
4 rounds of this was just lots of work--31:07

Rest Day

wod1.)TABATA mashup
20sec deadlifts, 10sec rest, 20sec burpees, 10sec rest x 8 rounds (8 each equals 16 intervals) 185w, 275m 

Used 155# for this.  Epic tabata...

wod2.) EVERY 3 Minutes run 400 meters x 5 rounds.   

Had to maintain pace for all 5 rounds within 5 seconds.  Ran an average of 2:00min per round. fastest was 1:58, slowest was 2:04. 
wod1.) 18min: OHSx1
wod2.) 12 min ladder up (amrap): OHS and Pullups 1,1 then 2,2 then 3,3… how high can you get?
HTFU: 65w-95m, Infidel: 50w,75m, bulldog: 35w, 55m 

I hit a solid 100# for the OHS and was pumped about that. Ladder up was 9 rounds even.  Killer WOD.

Week one of 2011 was a rest week due to remodeling the house.  Worked all day, worked all night too. Exhausting.  New year's eve was a 4 mile run and I posted a pretty decent time! Despite some foot pain and achillies issues, I felt really slow, but my pace was still about 8:30. I'll have to look up the offical time. :)

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