Monday, August 31, 2009

I hate these kind of days

5 rounds for time
10 pullups (l-sit, strict, or negatives...i did negs and bad ones at that)
15 strict press (55lb)
20 abmat situps

Time: sucked.
Oh and this was the alternate workout!

It is days like today that really make you question why you do what you do. Today was clearly a brutal mental battle for me. I wanted to give up, quit, and after round 1 just wanted to high tail it out of the gym. But I didn't. And I'm not sure why I didn't do that either. Embarrassment probably.

Why the hell do I hang from a pullup bar, ready to burst into tears at 5:30am. Why do I feel it necessary to push heavy weights over my head when my wrist feels like it is about to break and my arms are as wobbly as a newborn puppy's legs? Admittedly, today's WOD tested my weakest movements. Admittedly, I did not sleep well at all last night. Admittedly, I miss my husband so bad it hurts every second of every day. This all has a lot to do with it, but...that still doesn't answer why I do this day in and day out.

My pullup situation deteriorates by the week to the point where I am now perfectly happy saying that I can do 1 kipping pullup without feeling the need to do anymore....except when days like today roll around and everyone else is just getting up there over the bar effortlessly (yes, even Christine with her purple band gets up there!). Since I did Murph back on July 3rd (100 pullups) they just haven't been the same and I'm at a complete loss for how to get the strength to do a strict and the form to do a kip without ripping my shoulder out of place.

I thought I did this for fun and to help keep my sanity...but now I have to wonder. More later.


Christine said...

not sure what the proper transliteration is for the sucking sound you make when water gurgles down the drain, but that's what I would post as my one and only comment for this workout... if I weren't Italian.

Ugh, blah, puke, gross,

Only soothed by a piece of baklava...yep!

To answer your question... you do it because your last two workouts were great and maybe the next two will be too. Today was not the happy rush, but maybe tomorrow will be.

See you in the am.... or not if you do the pm thing.

Jason B. said... do it because you can and you know you can. Some days are better than others. This one sucked for all of us, just look at the whiteboard when posted later.

Do it cause you can. Enjoy it because its a choice.

Keep it up!

Erin said...

Thanks Jason and Christine-
I think i was so wrapped up in my sucking I didn't realize it sucked just as bad for everyone else.

Upon some reflection, I've come up with some answers of my own...that will be tomorrow's blog.

Time to just "press on".

Harold said...


You're not alone on this. I feel like I want to quit on many workouts. But I don't. I push through. That is what makes us different. Crossfit is a battle between of the mind. Part of our ambition is working through that battle. So far, your winning this battle. Keep up the good work.