Tuesday, July 21, 2009


WOD: 5 rounds for time
15 push press (65#)
300M row
Time: 25:40

Today I hit the box on barely 5 hours of sleep and a completely empty stomach. I was bleary eyed stumbling in, but that didn't last long. I had to dig deep this morning, but I got the work done. LTC Dan put on a clinic at this mornings workout, it was fun to watch. I just wanted to survive. I dug to that deep place inside where you store energy you didn't know you had to get those push presses done. It was my first time doing that much weight/rep--I'm ready for Fran now! :)

This morning I realized that you can come and do the workouts, go through the motions and that is ok, but to have a great performance in the box, all the factors must be there. Head in the game, rested, well fed, hormones balanced...just like any athlete in any sport needs for game day. Only, here at CF, everyday is game day. Now I've just got to "bring it"

2 eggs, 1 egg white scrambled w/ sprinkle of cheese
1 c cantalope
3/4 english muffin w/ just a tiny bit of butter and organic, no sugar added jam.

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