Monday, July 13, 2009

Third Time is a Charm

Back Squats

Max Load: 105 (2) 115 (2) 125 (2) 135 (1) 145 (fail) 145 (fail) 145# 150(fail)

Today I learned the importance of form when going for your 1RM and how little tweaks can go a long way. Jerry took us through a technical warmup to get our squat form down and I had some trouble with the concept of "leading with the butt" instead of the shoulders like in an air squat/front squat. I finally got it down. The last time I did this lift I had a bit of trouble with the rack position, but not today, I finally found the sweet spot. Maybe because I actually have a trap muscle now???

Anyways, I worked with Kim and Missy. We got down to business with a nice warm up then started racking on the pounds. We did 10 pound increments because none of us was really sure what we were capable of. I knew I did 120# last time, but that was months ago. We got to 125 and it still felt easy. 135 was a little challenging, but I sank it easily. Then we got to 145. It went like this:

1st Attempt: Didn't quite get low enough, dropped my elbows on the press, pitching me forward and causing me to lead with the shoulders and cut it into a 2 part press. I did it, but it was ugly. Try again.
2nd Attempt: Bad rack position, forgot to hold the core tight. Sigh. Finished the lift, but again, it was ugly with a slight lead with the shoulders. One more round...
3rd Attempt: Bad rack--put it back. Racked again, got the sweet spot on the traps, took a big breath, core tight...bam. It was awesome. The form felt just right and the weight felt light. Mechanics are truly everything.

We were kind of running out of time, but Missy had just sank 155 effortlessly so I had to try 150. Got the sweet rack, sank it, but again pressed with the shoulders instead of the butt/back. Thinking back I think I dropped my gaze and my elbows...grr. Maybe if it hadn't taken me THREE attempts at 145, 150 and up would have been possible.

I know there is more power in those legs...I WILL hit 150 next time.

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