Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just makin' It

5 rounds for time
300m run
20 jumping lunges
10 pullups (i subbed six--my shoulder is bugging me)
Tim: 14:01

3 rounds
20 sledges
10 burpees

Coming back after four days off that included binge eating and drinking my body was definitely fighting the toxins. The good news on this is that this was the first time I've been back to WI in 3 years, and it will be at least another 3 before I go back. Luckily this doesn't happen often. I also have had a way over the years of having a really bad night with one kind of alcohol and then I stop drinking it. I think that happened with Whiskey this weekend--it will join Tequila, Gin, Rum and Vodka on the list of "The Forbidden". For any of you not familiar with Wisconsin and what happens when you go to school there, here is a summary: You drink A LOT. I mean A LOT.

So it has been a severely emotional 2 weeks for the Gabriel family and thank GOD for crossfit to help me fight out my anger, frustration, and sadness. Having such a routine to count on makes you feel like you can tackle the rest of your day.

I brought my friend Josh to CF today--he has been crossfitting for a little over a year in Boston. He started with his good friend Brian and CF Potomac and kept with it when he moved to Boston. He did awesome at the workout this morning, got some burpee tips from Keturah this morning, got to work his L-sit for warmup, and did his first sledge strikes! Most importantly is that Josh embraces the "process" of crossfit and he left that philosophy with me. We spent much of the few hours of his visit talking about it. Like not being to hard on oneself and realzing we ARE great athelete and only it takes TIME to see the results we all want to see so quickly. So, I may want to see that scale hit 150 REALLY BADLY, but its only been barely 5 months. My body is still somewhat in shock to all these new moves, new schedule, and new nutrition. With time, and the all that I'm already putting in I'll get there....eventually. And I should be proud of where I'm at--it took 10 weeks to get a pullup, 4 months for a double under, and every time we do oly lifts I PR--190 deadlift, 145 back squat, 60 snatch, on the leader board for the 5k, etc. And I've got from a size 10/12 to buying mostly size 8 pants and dresses. That is nothing to feel badly about!

So tomorrow I will continue to purge the toxins and input only good, yummy, clean food.

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