Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Double Trouble

Double unders
Time: 27:55 Rx'd

This morning it was really time to get back in the box, literally and figuratively. Since I recently got my double under I decided to pony up and do the WOD Rx'd. This sounds easy, but was quite the upper body and cardio workout. The DU's were hard and I kept trying to link 5-6 together at a time. The most I got in a row was 10--not shabby. Pushups were on my knees but I don't care. I did 90% chest to deck with my head up. Time was slow, but it is the work that counts (according to my speedy guru Sean).

As I sit here writing this my arms are still shaking. Walking to Starbuckies for coffee a few minutes ago was funny too--I could barely walk in my heels. Thank goodness I get to sit and rest and spin my spreadsheets all day.

1 comment:

Sean said...

Now we just gotta get you in for consecutive days!

Just kidding.

Hope you're not too sore from yesterday's DU/PU WOD... I know I am!