Friday, July 17, 2009


12 Snatch (women was 65#, I did 35#)
12 Pullups (subbed 8)
12 burpees
Time: 23:05

I can only remember doing the snatch once since I joined crossfit back in March. When I saw it on the board I thought, "Great...another move I'm going to suck at...". In my efforts over the last year to change these constant negative thoughts I told myself I was instead going to try my best and work on getting the move down and not be embarrassed my the lack of load on the bar. So what about weight--how many people do I know that can even do a snatch?

Warm up with the PVC and the 33# bar felt so awkward...this was not looking good. Then we switched out the bars to a 15# bar and 10# plates and after a few reps, this wasn't so bad. 3..2..1.."hit it" and 12 reps later the snatch felt good! The pull was strong and I'm finally figuring out where my elbows need to be on the these lifts and that is all the difference. Today I really felt the difference using a hook grip too--for some reason my hands don't usually like that grip.

Pullups were a bust. My left hand is angry at me and is either severely bruised or infected...I did jumping negatives instead. This was all to save my shoulder-its feeling better, but not perfect yet. Burpees weren't as awful as usual and my cycle rate was up--i think all the pushups have been paying off.

Overall, not a terrible workout considering my mental state going in. And just showing up after 5.5 hours of sleep and ice cream for dinner counts for a lot.

I came home, fed the kitties, and crawled back in hour and twenty minutes later I woke up to Mack licking my hair. Rolled over and realized it was 8am. What a way to start a Friday.

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Chip said...

Did you dip your hair in the ice cream? Maybe that is why Mack enjoyed it so much! Good effort on the pullups...just think, in May you could barely do one. Now, you can do a lot!!