Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smooth moves

Snatch skill day
muscle snatch x 2
snatch balance x 2
snatch squat x 2

Top Load: 60lbs (PR)

Quick post--I love skill days. Today I kept adding weight, adding weight, etc...and the form held, I got under the bar, squats were deep, elbows were fast (for me), movement was smooth. For once I feel like things are coming together on a complex lift. I remember my first snatch day and I could barely get the pvc pipe to move right--Keturah just made me work a 15# bar that day and just kept saying "it will come". It has. What a difference 5 months makes!

Shout out to Maureen, who just joined CFOT--awesome job today! She worked the snatch movements like it was the most natural thing (we all know it isn't)--she'll be hitting major PR's in no time! Woot!

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