Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beyond the Body

Beyond the Body
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Free CF Journal article.  I agree that crossfitting women are hot, not because of their bodies, but because of what they bring to the box.  I miss all the ladies of CFOT, that is for sure!

For me, CrossFit allowed me to find "me" again.  I found that little girl who swam against the grain and mold of the times and ignored the comments of my teammates fathers who did not think it was appropriate for an 8 year old girl to play on the local All-Star soccer team, who was tough enough to hang with the boys and prove to them, my coaches, and their parents that girls can be just as good as the boys at a sport. I found the girl who had the courage to approach the School Board and lobby for a high school women's soccer team and with the support of fellow female teammates, coaches, and parents, won. Confidence, Strength, Determination.

Somewhere on the jouney of life, my "Girl Box" was built.  I had to look, act, and think a certain way.  I started to care what other people thought.  After several major injuries/illnesses, my fearlessness was crippled (My body was not invincible! Darn!)  But really, I wasn't sure what happened to the Erin who was strong and invincible in mind and body, willing to try anything, and believed she could do everything. I missed her.

Crossfit is helping me find her again.

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