Sunday, April 11, 2010


A hard week mentally, emotionally, and physically comes to peaceful end.

On Wednesday night, Mindi, Jason, and I were approached at the gym in the new "crossfit" area by one of the MRW staff.  After 20 minutes of frustrating "why crossfit" and how can we do this here banter, we got a meeting the next day with the big MRW boss. Jason (3rd place finisher at the Milan Sections and all around super guy) and I pitched our Crossfit plan--all went well and by Friday we had the go ahead to start putting a plan together and we should have box jumps by this week! Miracle #1.

Schweinfurter Citylauf „Rund um die Stadtgalerie - Friday April 7th
Mindi invited me earlier in the week to run this race in downtown Schweinfurt.  She was invited by German Tri Club friends.  I thought, heck, why not, it will be a great baseline run for the season. More than a 5k, but doable without any training.  It was 7.5k (4.7) miles.  We invited Jason too--I convinced him it was important for his Crossfit regionals training (constantly varied, baby!).  The three Americans braved the tall and FAST German teams. Everyone runs for a team here...they have all these sport clubs...I don't quite get it yet. Regardless, the race was six laps around the "Stadtgalerie"--fast and flat.

I was just runnin' to run and felt sluggish and slow but was somehow keeping pace of 6ish minutes per lap. least I'm consistent here...that's a first!  Final time: 36.44  For those of you doing the math that is a sub-40min 5 miler. Average pace 7:40 a mile.  I've done 2 runs longer than 3 miles since is the possible? I guess the hill sprints and short trail runs are paying off.  Boy was this a huge confidence boost!! Miracle #2

Saturday WOD
1-10 hang squat snatch unbroken ladder for time [135#/95#]

rest 20 min

80 burpees for time 

{these must be done in sets of 10 unbroken, any pausing at top with double hop or pause at bottom at push up level or at any point in the movement requires you to start at that set of 10 again; 

Does this look intense? Different from my normal? You bet! I trained with Jason and he is using OPT's site to train for regionals...intense. If you're a regular reader you'll know I've failed at snatch attempts since moving here...just flat out failed. We did a primo warmup that totally got us ready for this.  I did not do RX'd....more like 45#!!  I'm so weak, but so what. I nailed this WOD and more importantly nailed my form back down.  Snatch is an odd move, but boy could both of us stick a squat snatch after this! I did most of the ladder unbroken and could have if I had chalk.  Could I go heavier next time? You bet, but you got to have the form and the speed before you add load!

I cheered on Jason and coached him through the last few sets before finishing my own, but we finished somewhere between 20-25 minutes. 

Next up-80 burpees for time? What to say....JUST...DON'T...STOP (thanks, soni) ...  Time:8:00

This workout was an answered prayer. A new CF buddy, regained confidence, and piles of moto for the week ahead.  Miracle #3.



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Wow! I'm impressed with all the miracles! :) Nice work on the run. And that burpee workout would probably do me in! But you killed it!