Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New PR Split Jerks

WOD #1
Burpees - One minute, as many reps as possible, rest 3 minutes.  Repeat 5 times.
Results: 20, 16, 17, 16, 17   Total-86

WOD #2
A. Work to a heavy one rep split jerk
Results:  55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 110
B. Hang power clean x 5 push jerk. 5 rounds with 3 min rest between rounds.
     Used 70#

At 4:30 I did the burpee WOD in my backyard. Oh, burpees.  At least I'm getting good at them for doing lots of them! I kept trying to hit 20, but couldn't get it going fast enough.

Then off to the gym at 5:30.  I haven't done split jerks in forever! I wasn't sure I even knew what I was doing...but, it was kinda like riding a bike. It came right back.  Jason said that my attempt at 85# looked easy, so I went for 95#. I hit that solidly and went for 10# more.  My last attempt at 110# was close, but I my arms were fried! New PR of 105#!  Then on to the clean/push jerk part---I almost wussed and went for 65#, but after rethinking went for 70#. Why not, right? 70# was the perfect weight. It was heavy each round and by round 4 and 5 I had to press out the last rep or so.  Regardless, this WOD rocked! I loved it. And I rocked it!!

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