Sunday, April 4, 2010

Schweinfurt to Wurzburg Ride

                                         Are we there yet?

As with all of Erin's Adventures the plans are always simple, for example, "Let's bike from Schweinfurt to Wurzburg." I'm in Germany, right? The land of law and order, well marked roads, punctuality, etc...of course the bike routes will be well marked...I have this huge map of all the bike trails in bavaria...we shouldn't get lost....

3+ hours on the bike and 40 some miles over German farm terrain covered we fell just 7k  short of our destination. We lost the trail and ended up biking on the side of a state road. After nearly being killed by a beautiful porsche convertable going at least 100kph, lots of honks later, we called it quits before we got splattered on the side of the road. Mindi's friend graciously rescued us just before it started to downpour!

The ride started ok, finding our way, twisting through the countryside, cute little towns, but the farther from Schweinfurt we got, the sketchier the trails got.  We stopped and asked directions at least 5 times...even the Germans thought we were nuts...

All in all, it felt good to be back in the saddle, especially with a new friend and training partner, Mindi.  The stats on this ride weren't stellar, but we had a vicious headwind directly out of the south (our direction) and some challenging inclines to say the least.  Several times my legs hurt so bad I wasn't sure how I was going to finish and not knowing where we were had me digging even deeper for that last drop of adreneline. Next ride will be for distance, not a destination!

A few more photos of the terrain and Mindi!

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