Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crossfit Ansbach

The adventure for the weekend was a trip to Crossfit Ansbach.  I've know for awhile that this was the nearest box, but it took an invite from Jason to finally get the gusto to make the hour plus trip down there.  So it was up and at 'em on Saturday morning to get down there by 0930.  I met Rob Powell, the owner, and he showed us around and said to join in the 10am class.  He was going to do a creative version of the Filthy Fifty, but not before Jason took the 15 of us through a LONG warmup of stretches, lunges, hip openers and a mini-met-con of box jumps, slamballs, and double unders.  The slamballs were just that---slam the ball, not jumping...Jason hasn't been introduced to those yet! haha. 

For two rounds:  30 sec. of work @ each Exercise. 20 sec. pause between Exercises.
Box Jumps
Jump 2 Bar Pull ups
Walking Lunges
Push Press
Wall Balls

The WOD was a burner--you were supposed to count the total number of reps for each round, but I missed that in the German instructions. Oh well...I still worked hard! It had been a long time since I've seen a box jump and those took a little getting used to, then the "jump to pullup" and K2E were ridiculously hard since I could not keep my grip on the super slippery bars. The double unders are coming back--thank goodness!

I'm sure you're wondering what it was like to workout at a German box.  Well, I have to say it wasn't much different than being at a box at home. Crossfit really is a universal language and community. As the athletes filed in, there were lots of "Gruss Gotts" "Servous" (hi-hey what's up), handshakes, hugs, double cheek kisses.  Everyone came over and immediately introduced themselves and welcomed me to the box, which made me feel immediately comfortable. As Rob went over the WOD, there was the usual pre-WOD nervous energy and excitment.   During stretches and warmups there was lots of laughing and making fun of one another (only I didn't get the jokes). :) We started on a 3, 2, 1, go...count and then hit it hard.  Lots of encouragement throughout and collapsing bodies at the end! :)

The crew from CF Ramstein is apparently coming down next weekend and we'll probably join in again.  Saturday's in Schweinfurt are less than exciting...

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c wiss said...

Yay for CrossFit field trips! For some reason visiting other gyms always reinforces that feeling of "CrossFit is awesome". :-D

Doing a "mini WOD" in the warmup is something I've experienced in my visits to CrossFit KoP, and I really like it. Haven't had the balls to try it out on the athletes at our box yet -- my weakest area right now is def leading warmups.