Monday, April 26, 2010


9 ring dips  (Scaled to 6 static dips)
9 push press (75#) (Scaled to 65#)
9 burpees
Rounds: 6

Finisher: 40 GHD's

Ok, so the WOD is as RX'd from the CFOT site.  I scaled the ring dips to dips on parallel bars and did them UNASSISTED! First WOD with unassisted dips! I scaled to 6 reps and while they weren't on rings, this was still huge for me.

I scaled push press to 65#.  I would have loved to go for 75#, but I was really tight in the overhead position--those muscles under your armpit were are dorked up. Then on round 5 I had to scale back again to 55# because of my stupid wrist. I started feeling the nerves twinge again with sharp pain--at this point I always scale back so not to injure myself permanently.  I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong. Overall I was psyced about the results.  I was right up there with all the CFOT ladies too! WOOT!

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