Friday, April 16, 2010

even more snatch

Another Snatch WOD for Thursday.  This time, it looked like this:

Power Snatch - 2-3 x 7; rest 2min between sets
45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 70

So the actually purpose of these workouts is to take a fairly heavy load and try to do 2-3 reps for 7 rounds.  And, if you get the 3 reps, add more weight. Since I've had some trouble with snatch of late, I started light. But, after a few rounds and a few added pounds I was in the groove. Working the squat snatch on Saturday totally prepped me for this.  The body finally remembers what it is supposed to be doing! And, I'm sticking the landings like crazy--jump to land, and stick! It feels awesome when you get it right. Jason took some video but he didn't have a memory card! crap! either way, I got to review a a set and it looked pretty darn solid.

The even more exciting news is that I THOUGHT my 1RM was 85#, um no, it was 75#.  Now I just nailed two sets of 70# at 3 reps...I think a new 1RM might be 80 or 85...we shall see!

Tomorrow morning I am heading to Crossfit Ansbach to hit a WOD with Jason and his peeps there. Then we'll spend a few hours exploring a new town! Stay tuned for another adventure...

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