Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Four months after moving to Germany, I'm finally feeling like myself again in the gym. A new CF buddy, some changes in the gym, and killer WOD's, my confidence is back!

Tuesday WOD:
WOD #1
5 DL (135#)
5 pushup
5 pushpress (45#)
Sub 5:00

WOD #2
5 rounds
10 knees to elbow
10 burpess

The prescribed WOD was seven rounds, two minutes for each round 155# DL, 5 muscle ups.  I cheered Jason through his 14 min RX'd WOD that he smoked, then it was my turn.  Given I can't do a muscle up and we don't have PU bars I subbed the pushups and push press.  My scaled WOD could have been harder, but I wanted the DL's done touch and go and I still suck at lowering the bar. Either way it was a good sweat. Toes to bar were supposed to be done as many as possible with burpees as punishment, but I couldn't hang onto the bar so I just did 10/10.  Anyway you slice it, I was smoked at the end.

Wednesday WOD:

Six rounds
OHS  4-6 reps, each rep is 4 count down, hold 2 count, up for 1 (42x1)
rest 2 min
AMRAP Pullups (I did negatives, 5 each round)
rest 2 min

The OHS work was  HUGE confidence boost. About a month ago I could barely lift the bar.  Why? Confidence, and lack of place to drop the bar...I had the space today and won back the confidence. My rounds looked like this:
55, 55, 55, 60, 65, 70
I got at least 5 reps each round and was able to do the 42X1 count without any trouble. I can't wait to test out a 3x or 1x max!

PART 2: 
10 min handstand work.   Bottom line---they are getting stronger! HSPU here I come!

PART 3: 
35 sec hill sprint, 2 min rest
Done on a treadmill- incline 13, speed 7.2. killer.

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