Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 Rounds

10 RFT
15 Deadlifts (85#)
15 Pushups
Time: 25:00

Wow. 10 RFT for anything is killer!!  The RX'd weight posted on the mainsite for this WOD was 135#, but the mainsite doesn't post women's weight.  A few other women posted that they did 85# so I figured I'd go for it.   I still don't think my form is correct in lowering the deadlifts, but the back isn't hurting so it can't be that bad, right? Still, I need to get some video of it and see what it looks like.

Pushups--the first 5 sets were solid. the 6th was questionable so I dropped to my knees to crank out the rest. They are improving, but not where I want them to be.

Yesterday, Logan and I hit the pool for a cardio WOD.  She used to swim and lifegard and is a freakishly strong swimmer for not having been in a pool in a year! She even cranked out a 25m butterfly that looked effortless. The pool was crowded so we didn't get the workout that we wanted to, but we had fun nonetheless and vowed to make it a once a week event very soon! Plus, just a nice easy swim helped to really loosen up some sore muscles!

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