Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Mainsite WOD:
For time:
box jumps
Good Mornings (sub for GHD)
time? less than 15min
this looked doable today! Yea! Ok, so my pullups were not chest-to-bar...my box jumps were not 30', and my GHD's were no GHDs, but this was still a nice solid workout.

The main gym I workout in is closed this week forcing me into a smaller gym at another part of post.  They actually have a bar I can kip on! So, this is only like the 3rd or 4th major pullup WOD I've done since I've been here so the fact that this seemed almost "easy" was nice. The place was SWAMPED with soldiers so I have to make this quick.  I had several interruptions to share the bar and have room for my good mornings, but hey, I got the work done.

I'm convinced that the german hardware stores will not be able to outfit my garage with a pullup bar...rogue swinging bar here I come!


Jason B. said...

Erin...I love me some Rogue but maybe try this pullup bar instead: http://studbarpullup.com/ I have one installed in the garage and it is AWESOME. The metal feels great and the installation is easy (all hardware included). Highly recommended! If you decide to go with this and if they have a shipping issue where they won't send it to you, let me know, maybe I can help!

Angie said...

Love the feeling after a "solid workout" - just makes the whole day worthwhile!

OH! I have a Studbar in my garage as well, and I love it! :)