Thursday, March 4, 2010

OHS, Burpees, and CYCLING!

I decided that after hitting the cleans on Monday that another day of Oly lifts was in order.  I need to start working on that technique so I don't embarrass myself at the cert! I did a version of CFOT's monday WOD.  15, 12, 9 OHS and lateral burpees.

Last week I wrote about how my OHS's have gone to hell and that my overhead strength in general is diminishing faster than I can get it back! Last week I used the bar for Josh (21, 15, 9 OHS)--45# and it was HARD.  This week I bumped up to 50#.  I know, weak, right? Yea, but I nailed each set with unbroken reps and felt totally solid.  Got the core tighness back and found my breathing again which is half the battle. As for the lateral burpees....i forgot how much those hurt!!

35 MIN ON THE BIKE! Chip ordered a bike trainer a few weeks ago...for several reasons.
1-its too cold and snowy to ride in the winter here. 2-his docs won't let him out on the street with all the blood thinners he's on. 3-work on balance. 4-ride his new bike. 5-get my butt in gear too! I set up the contraption over the weekend and its been taunting me all week. "Ha,'re chicken....try me you out of shape cow!" (ok, that was a cruel cut on myself, but that's what it says...i swear!)  I checked out the training DVD that came with it.  It was nice to watch something while riding.  Ironman Hawaii would have been more motivating though...  So for not touching the bike in months I had a great ride, great sweat, and got the adrenilne pumping this much so my finisher was:
5 rounds
20 abmats
10 pushups (totally chest to deck!)
time-about 5 min.

WOD 2 with Logan tonight? We will see...stay tuned.

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