Saturday, March 27, 2010

To WOD or not to WOD....

I fully intended to do a WOD of some kind at some point today. Today I slept in late, had a volunteer commitment mid-day, dinner plans....and I wanted to squeeze in a WOD. 

Today I learned a few important lessons about me and my dedication to crossfit:
1) workout EARLY in the day. Motivation to really "kill it" wanes throughout the day.
2) plan out a week of WODs ahead of time. Don't do them on the fly--you won't be as committed.
3) my dedication to fitness, nutrition, and wellness right now is a figment of my imagination. I may workout almost daily, but I feel no urgency, no motivation, to really "kill it".  I try not to eat my sorrows away, but frankly the bavarian bulge has set it.  bakery goods, beer, brats, bread, brezen (pretzels), und Baeren (as is gummi bears).  My clothes are almost back to fitting like they did when I began this journey.  I still shy away from rice, pasta, pizza, and potatoes and try to buy limited carbs, but I'm beginning to think this is all hogwash. It's not like I lost any signifcant amount of weight over the past year by significantly reducing my intake processed food and carbs. I'm starting to wonder if I am fully dedicated to the results I want to see....
4) having a partner to push you is important. Throwing a 14lb ball at a wall and doing burpess in your yard by yourself is not what I call fun. I can't seem to find that inner drive when I do this alone.

Intended WOD:
20 burpees
20 wallball
20 ringdip

1 round of intended and 2 rounds of 20 burpess, 20 wallball, and 10 ringdips.  I think I stood around brooding and being mad at myself than I did actually doing this workout, which made me wonder why I do this at all. Did I have an off day? Maybe...they just seem to becoming more frequent...

So, I ask, is it better to do a WOD half assed and half hearted or to just not WOD at all?

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