Monday, March 15, 2010

Overhead Work

After 3 nice rest days and spending quality time with Chip, including several long walks, it was time to hit the gym.
20 Min AMRAP
15 Back Extensions (Subbed Good Mornings w/ 12lb bar)
15 Knees to Elbows
15 OHS (45#)
Rounds: 5 1/2
I was pretty excited about this WOD since I could actually do all the moves! :)  The weight for OHS was RX'd heavy and I went as heavy as I could.  I've worked OHS several times in the last few weeks and I could tell it really is paying off.  I did all the rounds but one unbroken.  Knees to elbows were rough, I couldn't hold onto the bar to save my life...I miss chalk...

Today was also the start of the Gabriel's embarking on a healthy eating regiment.  I'm going for the zone again since it worked well last summer and it still allows some dairy. I can give up bread, but not my cheese! Chip just needs to stop stress eating and doesn't want to gain weight while rehabbing from his stroke.  He's put me in charge of that mission.

Today looked like this:
Breakfast on the run--1/4 cup cottage cheese and grapefruit (about a half)
Snack-Small slice of some kind of yummy wheat bread w/ teaspoon of sunbutter.
Lunch-3.5oz Chix breast cooked w/ lemon juice and pepper, homemade guacamole, a few tortilla chips, 1 small pear
Snack-ligh babybell cheese round, 5 strawberries
Dinner-Beef Broccoli Stir Fry and Fried Cauliflower Rice and .25l of beer

Yes, that's right folks, Erin cooked twice today! Amazing what you can do with time on your hands.  I used things I haven't used ever really--lemons, ginger, flax seed.  And you know what? It all tasted good and I wasn't ridiculously hungry.  Is there room for improvement here? You bet, but honestly, I live in Germany now--the land where beer and wine are still cheaper than water. And bakeries are everywhere--including the local home depot. I know each day will get better and easier and my choices will get better and better. Tomorrow is steel oats for b-fast and leftovers...I'm hoping for a double WOD tomorrow.


c wiss said...

Any specific tips on the cauliflower rice? I bought a cauliflower to try it, but I'm kind of intimidated by new recipes...

Erin said...

Hi C!

Cauliflower rice. Food processor was a must. I tried a few dishes like this awhile back w/o the food processor and it SUCKED. I did the cauliflower on "shred" and it actually turns out looking like rice.

Zapped it for 5 min in the micro and then in the pan with veggies and stuff. I don't like my veggies crunchy, so I cooked a little longer.

Hubby says--this actually tastes better than rice! It was a hit!