Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helen and More Metcon and a CF Mission

Last Friday was my one year Crossfit anniversary. Wow, one year.  I'm still marinating on how I feel about this.  I know that Crossfit changed my life, the way I eat, saved me from a very dark place, blessed me with an amazing team at 0515 and many new friends, and made the impossible possible (the ever elusive pullup!)  There will be a 1 year anniversary post to come.

In the meantime, it was time to get back to some metcons.
Monday A.M.
30 min ride on the trainer.  This is a good sweat!

Monday WOD:
400m run
21 KB swings (35#)
12 pullups
Time: 15-16 minutes

My last Helen this fall was just shy of 15 minutes and considering the conditions for this WOD, this wasn't so shabby.   We didn't really have anywhere to run, so we did wind sprints on the basketball court-it was slippery and my nike free's gave me no traction on the court so my sprints weren't so great.  Pullups are back on track, but I can't get much more than 4-5 on the bar at a time. The bar is fat and slick.  Goal on Helen will be 14:00 by end of May.

Tuesday WODL:
400m run
30ish m of overhead walking lunges
15 pushups
Time: 17:05

Run was done on the treadmill.  Each 400m was sub 2min and faster each round. Considering I haven't been running, these sprints felt pretty good. Better than the windsprints yesterday.  Walking lunges were done wtih 20# dumbbells.  These are exhausting.  Pushups were solid, but still looking for hte magic in these.

In addition to getting the house all settled, running back and forth to the rehab facility to visit Chip, cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc, I've decided that being a Haus Frau is not so fun.  Boy was I a spoiled city girl! Most of all, I miss my job. I really do.  I miss thinking, I miss the puzzles, challenges, having a purpose, producing things (even if it was excel spreadsheets!).  I'm not going to find a job as equally challenging here, nor do I really I want give up my federal status (I'm currently on Leave Without Pay) because hell, if the Army kicks Chip out, one of us is going to have to make some money!

Instead of working, I'm going to work on some volunteer opportunities.  There is an opening at the Gym/Fitness Center to work the desk, and other crap.  Easy and probably boring. But, it gives me an in with all the Sport and Rec program directors, etc. My hope is that I can get a volunteer spot and help convince them that we do not need more machines that no one uses, put more pullup bars, another rower, and overall make the place more crossfit friendly. And maybe figure out if there is a community soccer league and if not, at least get some pick up sessions started.

If that doesn't work out, I'll try the library. It's a hopping place on post since you just can't go to the local barnes and nobel to get your books, dvd's, etc.

Hopefully all of this will help with my mental fitness! :)


c wiss said...

I just moved to a new part of the US, and not even overseas, and I struggled with the same kind of thing. Missing the mental and social aspects of my job that I left behind. You have some great plans, so go for it! I'm looking to start working at the base gym, or maybe help with some swim camps/lessons this summer.

Also, you've been talking about using your bike trainer indoors, so I thought you might want to check this out.

Katie said...

My love, I have been horrible at keeping up. Yay for you for settting out all these goals. You are busy but driven and I have no doubt that you will find a way to make all of this work for you. Mental fitness/health is important. I'm learning. A few smallish/biggish changes have changed everything. I'm still exhausted and working like crazy, but soooooooooooooo much happier. You will get there too... hang with it, stick with it... you rock and I love you! Go get 'em girl!