Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fran for Fun?

So, as many of you know, I'm attending the CF Level 1 Cert in Milan in just 5 short weeks. I have so much to work on, I'm bummed about not being where I want to be, I need to start studying up.  I've poked enough on the internet to know that Fran is the one benchmark WOD that is usually performed at the cert. When I signed up, I wanted to be able to hit this HARD as RX'd at the cert.  Not having bumper plates, a real pullup bar, chalk, or a box full of adrenaline is seriously playing on my motivation and confidence heading into the cert.  So what to do--time to hit the barbells hard, perfect the technique, and not worry so much about speed and load, right? Back to basics...

And back to Fran.  Ok, so I cannot even tell you the last time I did thrusters. I've done one RX'd Fran, recorded here:
Wow...I just reread this...I was bummed with a sub 12 Fran RX'd on the first attempt just six months after joining CFOT? What was wrong with me? Today looked like this..

45lb thrusters
pullups (on the bar below, using the wide grips)
Time: 12:20

The thrusters were rough due to being rusty and the old back being sore from DL's the other day. But, I think I got a few of the form kinks worked out which was good. Next week, I'll incorporate a WOD with some more thrusters and will do them at 55/65lbs...just not as many as required by Fran. Pullups are rough on this is fat and slippery. just sucky. And WHY DO I STILL NOT HAVE THE CONSECUTIVE KIPS DOWN? Sigh..enough, enough...the fact you're doing something is better than nothing...

Warmup was:
500m row
3 rounds
10 wall squats

3 rounds
25 DAC (dead animal crunches) w/ 20lb weight
10 perfect chest to deck pushups

Yesterday for the record:
4 mile run in the woods with Logan. YEA!!
5 rounds
10 pushups
20 situps
30 squats
Time: about 12 minutes...why so long? Chip's toes started to work AND HE DID A PLANK! :) (and I got distracted for a minute or two) He's had lots more progress this is amazing to watch.  His ankle just started randomly working last night too...weird!

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Jason B. said...

Love to hear about your refocusing and Chip's healing. Keep it up! Remember, Army Ten Miler opens tomorrow!