Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run Cindy!

After a rest day yesterday and waking up with zero moto, I still got in some decent work today

WOD 1:
30 min trail run
It felt awful and slow and my knee hurt like hell afterwards. Arthritis maybe? I hope not, but glucosimine, here I come.

WOD 2:
400m run
Six rounds of Cindy
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats
400m run

Why six? Because it took me approximately 10 minutes at a moderate pace. Why not more? My shoulder still hurts like hell and I'm still building back my callouses on my hands.  I'm not competing, no one is pushing me and I want to crossfit daily so there is no use in tearing up my hands and bleeding all over. I'm hardcore, but not stupid.  I did this WOD outside at the track where they have real pullup bars.

WOD 3:
Almost 2 hours of ref'ing soccer.  It's a workout physically and mentally. Trust me. I completed a clinic this week to certify me as a ref for the unit, community level, and kids games here. I'll be back playing once community season starts! :)

Pullup bar update--Thanks for the suggestions for studbar and others. Need to get our and see what our garage is made of, where studs are etc.  Got to remember we're here on the metric system and German houses are built different...  I'll keep ya posted!

New goals? There were 5 women who competed in the Southern European Sectional this weekend. Granted their WODs were not killer, but I could have easily finished them all not being in great CF shape...maybe a stretch goal for next year to compete?!?!?


Jason B. said...

Not a stretch goal at all. I think you can easily get there. Sectionals back home here is my goal for next Spring. We'll push each other from afar for the Army 10-Miler in under 1:30 then continue for next years Games. What do you think? You can do it!

Angie said...

You should compete!!

Sean said...

Ahhh, much more aesthetically pleasing! ;)