Friday, March 19, 2010

Cleans and Backyard WOD

WOD #1:
5x5x Power Cleans

Totally need to start working these so I don't embarass myself at the Cert in May.  Next step will be to get some video next week of some attempts. 

Sets looked like this
45, 65, 70, 75, 85, 90.

These actually felt better and better the more weight I put on the bar. I think I could have done more if I wanted to, but the no drop policy at the gym definitely deters me "going heavy".  I can't wait to see what my new 1x Max will be--with this WOD so strong I think I can defintely hit 100+.

WOD #2:
400m run
15 ring dips
Time: 14 and some change...

I did this WOD in my backyard. Finally got the rings set up on the garage! Picts to come soon.
Earlier in the day I was goofing around making Chip jealous and actually did an unassisted ring dip! Yea! It was my first one. I was pumped. This little WOD was fun despite my still screaming hamstrings.  My 400m run is all uphill for 200m and boy to those hamstrings let me know it. The ring dips were done on the "floss" band and done no less than 7-8 in a row and felt great. ABS were a breeze since I haven't worked the abs in about a week.  The rest was good for them! :)

The time would have been faster but after the run in the third round I had to also chase Mack 'Houdini" Gabriel around the little cat escaped the house this afternoon.  This seems to be a new hobby of his.

My new goal is to do at least one ring dip every single time I walk to the garage--time to get in some ring work!

Felt great today to get in 2 solid WODs. Off to the city of Rotenburg ob der Tauber tomorrow for some sightseeing!

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