Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 workouts and 1 cool new friend

7 rounds for time
3 heavy dead lifts (175#)
6 toes to bar
9 burpees
Time: 19:07

I tried something new yesterday. Working out at 5pm instead of 5 am! Totally different experiences. First I walked in with my eyes wide open, the sun was out, a new team, etc.

The crew was great and we pushed it hard. I wanted to do the "pro" version of this workout with the DL's at 185, but I tried it during warmups and I new that 21 reps was going to kill my back, so I backed off. Better to be smart and not hurt myself! The toes to bar move on the pullup bar is getting so much easier. I love this core move so much more than abmats. Oh, the burpees. It has been almost a month since we've met and really they felt great! my triceps and chest are clearly getting stronger. I kept the cycle rate up pretty high and tried to rest a little as possible. I needed the extra seconds on the DL's to recover from all the dizziness!

Afterwards, I was getting on the rower to do some extra work and this girl came over and said, "you're doing the extra?" I said, " yea, I was gonna run, but i'm doing an 8-10miler in the am..." The conversation with Alyssa went from there...where do you run? what trails? races? training? She was wearing a "Hood to Coast" shirt so I knew immediately she was hard core. (The Hood to Coast race is some 190 mile relay race from Mt. Hood to the Pacific coast in Oregon.) Then she said she is running 4 half marathons in October for charity. My jaw dropped. I immediatly invited her to join me for my run this morning and we made a date to meet at 7am. This is what I LOVE about crossfit. Incredibly friendly people who you feel like you already know because you have an instant common bond in crossfit. and they are up for any challenge, competitive, but in the coolest way possible, always encouraging. And you can meet one night, and be running buddies the next. Welcome to DC and Crossfit Old Town Alyssa!

8.5 mile run
Time: 1:16

Met up with Alyssa and we took off into the grey humid mist along the GW trail going south to Mt. Vernon. We decided to run across the Woodrow Wilson bridge into Maryland...the bridge is over a mile long! We had a great conversation and fell right into stride with each other. After, she decided she was going to the crossfit WOD....100 thrusters for time, 5 pullup penatly for every drop. I thought about going light on the weight and just doing it, then realized 3 workouts in less than 24 hours will a pulled hamstring was just plain stupid. I just cheered everyone one, watched for "fouls", and gave a few pointers. The crew worked REALLY HARD this morning--it was impressive to watch! Then Alyssa and I headed to the King Street farmers market to pick up fruit and veggies for the week. YUM! What a great saturday.

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