Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Must Clean up the Cleans

WOD #1:
3 Heavy Cleans
6 Ring dips
9 box jumps
Do 10 rounds in 30min or less
Time: 26 something

Cleans are not my strength. Let's just get this out there now. I hadn't worked this move since June 15th...over 2 months ago. I've never even done a 1 rep max on this lift...

Going in I wasn't sure how this would go, but I felt strong. I went with the 'pack' weight of 85lbs, 5lbs more than my last workout with cleans in June. My form needs some serious work--I watched a whole bunch of Crossfit.com videos and Coach B videos last night, but I'm not sure it helped. This whole 'whipping the elbows' thing is just not natural and my I'm still not sure what "push under the bar" means...I mean, heck, we're pulling, so how do I push? I just don't get it. I moved to the floss from the red band on the ring dips...it was time. Finally! And I did a good 5-6 rounds without breaking the 6 reps. These felt really strong--I want my unassisted ring dip by christmas. Another milestone to add to the goal list.

Box jumps were easy despite the pulled hamstring. 90 jumps is some serious work! It worked some ankle strength too since I've switched shoes--running sneaks to a pair of flat nike free's. Not so much support.

Now I swear I could go faster if I just stopped sweating so damn much!

6 mile run

Met up with Stuart and headed out for a nice evening run. He's mostly healed from the bike crash. I had proposed about a 4 miler, but Ironman Stuart said six, so that's what we did. We kept a great 9min mile pace and despite the nagging hammie and some seriously sore triceps from the morning WOD it was a great run!

Veggie and Ice Cream Challenge Update:
Veggies--Still working through some, but only one avacado has spoiled so far. Luckily I picked some things that last awhile! I also found these ziploc steam bags that make cooking a breeze! Just chop up veggies add any seasoning and 3-5 min later, viola! Steamed veggies! The bags are expensive, but I just rinse and reuse several times.

Ice Cream- 10 full days without ice cream. I did have all natural, non-diary, no sugar added sorbet twice...I've conviced myself that doesn't count. Once was a treat at the Dairy Godmother (my favorite place in Delray) and other was dessert at a friends house. Neither time was associated with what we used to call a "bedtime snack" growing up. When I do get that craving some nice substitutes are a handful of blueberries, a few mandarin oranges (i forgot how much I love these and that you don't need many to be satisfied), TJ's frozen pinapple tidbits, or a glass of wine. When you look at it this way it doesn't look like much of a sacrifice, but believe me people it is. When your crave ice cream for dinner, you know that you have a SERIOUSLY bad habit to break.

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