Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Messy Metcon...Girly Giggles

WOD - Messy Metcon


3 Deadlifts (165-lbs.)
5 Weighted Ring Dips
7 "knees to chest negatives"

Time: 20:00

Today's workout was sloppy, not much else to say there. I was about 10lbs too heavy on the deadlifts and they were near impossible by round 3 (1x max is 195, 3x max is 185). I almost didn't finish round 7 because I wanted to just give up--hence the time...lots of pacing around. My form in "guiding" the bar to the floor was apparently horrible and this is the lift I thought I had pretty good form on! My pullup attempts weren't horrible but not great either. I definitely felt the burn regardless.

My only strength today was in the ring dips. I did all 7 rounds unbroken with the red band. Time to move to floss and just do it!

I'm really feeling defeated with my performances--July was a rough month with few big gains like June...maybe it is about time for a "rest" week

Ok, MEN can stop reading here--topic is dress sizes....
Girly Giggles
Let me preface this by saying
that back in March I was nearly busting out of my size 10 pants and none of my size 8/10 dresses or skirts fit and the scale was quickly approaching 165. All of this led me to crossfit.

I know I have whined about loosing very little weight in 5 months of CF, but I have clearly lost inches. Today I had a major squealing in the dressing room jumping up and down kind of moment. Only thing was I was alone and had no one to celebrate with, so I didn't. I started a new job on Monday and they gave me a raise I wasn't expecting, so of course I wanted to buy a cute new outfit. Off to Ann Taylor Loft after work and I tried on a ton of stuff, most of which didn't fit right. But, a cute teal sleeveless wrap dress caught my eye. Not my typical style, but cute. This summer I've been a size 8 in their dresses (yea CF!), but none were on the rack--a 6 or a 12. Hmmm...try the 6? Yea right...but I tried it anyways. IT FIT! I have NEVER been a size 6...ever, never ever. I swear I went from wearing husky boy jeans as a kid to a juniors 9-11 and have floated between 10-14 for about the last 8 years. I also tried on a cute pair of pants in a 6 even though I know I am probably never going to be a size 6 in pants (helloooo CF/soccer bootie, quads, and hammies), but they buttoned! I will take that. Yes, AT loft clothes often run big I know, but seeing that little "6" on the tag made me want to hit the box that much harder the rest of the week.

So I didn't buy the dress. Lack of confidence and feeling like a big girl in a little dress made me leave it hanging there. And, really, do I look like a girl who wears dresses?? nope. But, I walked out of that store with a goofy grin on my face, giggling. Me....Erin....just put on a size 6 dress that fit perfectly!!!!! holy crap. I kinda want to go buy it now just to have hanging in my closet as motivation.


Christine said...

Buy the dress!!! Wear it when Chip comes home!! And what's this nonsense about being a girl who doesn't wear dresses??

Thanks for the giggles... I've been lucky... most of my dressing room time I've had a 3 year old in tow to pull up the zippers. And she ALWAYS tells me I'm beautiful.

Jerry Hill said...

giggles are good.
you Erin are great.

Embrace the struggle.
Celebrate the success.

Erin said...

Thanks Christine-You're lucky to have a shopping buddy!! Oh, and I typically wear dresses ONLY when it is required of the occassion, but I'm trying to move beyond the 5 black suits I own...

Jerry-Thanks! I sometimes need to have my own advice given back to me. "Celebrate even the small things"