Monday, August 3, 2009

Team Competition

WOD: Team Competition
As many reps as possible for 5 minutes, 1 minute rest
push press, power snatch, box jumps, row, pullups

I was struggling this morning trying to wake up from a solid dose of benedryl the night before and was throughly confused as to what we were doing, but it was another morning of just MOVE, DON'T THINK.

That's what I did. I did a little bit of everything, but the push press, snatch, and row felt particularly strong. Box jumps were rough with tight quads from yesterday's hill runs. In round 3, I took up the weight vest for the team. Out of the five rounds I figured at least one woman had to represent. And hell, if my husband (and most of our deployed soldiers) can spend good chunks of his days with 35lbs or more on his back in 100+ degree heat, I can handle and extra 10 for 5 freakin' minutes. The box jumps were fairly hard with the vest, but I did about 20, plus a lot of push presses since the weight didn't seem to be a factor there.

I thought about avoiding pullups--mr. pullup bar and I are not friends--but Christine convinced me otherwise. I was quite proud of my solid 15 reps this morning. They were all strong and over the bar! :) But, that doesn't discount the fact I NEED SERIOUS HELP getting to the next stage on the kip. my kip up is fine, but the kip to link the reps is completely non-existent.

Looking forward to the rest of the week and first Friday. Should I do my first RX'd Fran? A repeat of something I've already done? Or Badger...since it is the only workout I DNF'd....

Eating and Diet Notes:
This week I am down to 157.5lbs. That is about 5-6lbs less than when I started six months ago. I just wish I had something more tangible to see my progress aside from numbers on a white board...
I know what I need to try to do now to get the rest off---less sugar, less dairy, and cut out ice cream cheats...

I feel like dropping bread, pasta, rice, cereal,, oatmeal, pizza, and sandwiches from my diet is pretty dramatic...but I'm not yet mentally ready to give up EVERYTHING that I like. After you cut out sugar and ice cream I'm not sure what there is left to actually enjoy. And isn't eating supposed to be enjoyable?

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