Friday, August 14, 2009

Get down there!

Max Load: 150
Looked something like this:
55, 75, 95, 105, 125, 140, 155 (failed on reps 2/3--oops! we miscounted) 150

Back to the back squats for another 3x morning. To refresh, my previous 1x max 145, 5x was 125, so today's effort was a PR! I didn't think my effort was that strong, especially given that I apparently didn't get quite beyond 90 degrees on the last 2 reps at 150. And due to our difficulties adding up the weight at o'dark hundred, I attempted 155 accidentally. OOPS! That was heavy. I did one rep, so I guess that is my new one rep max! I nearly killed myself on the second and third reps. It certainly didn't help that my back was still super sore from the DL's on Tuesday. If I was fresh, I think I could have done the 155. Missy was super impressive as usual and topped out at 160! I keep trying to keep up with her, but she's definitely got a stronger core than I!

I should have stuck around and done a mile run, or some pullups or something, but heck its Friday...there is always next week.

Looking forward to biking on Sunday with Tamara! Yea blue bikes! :)

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Katie said...

Yay for PR's! How goes the eating?