Wednesday, August 5, 2009

kicked in the butt

5 rounds
275m run
9 ring dips
12 push ups
15 wall balls
Time: 20:11

Today was just embarrassing. I am still stuck on the red band for ring dips--after moving to the floss some weeks ago--i'm now regressing. Push ups were on my knees...flat out despicable performance there. My bi's and tri's were just on fire and I kept trying to dig deeper and hold the core tighter, but nothing helped.
Wall balls were also sad...Jerry actually put the 10ft. marker up there and boy is it higher than I thought. I wasn't far off, but that extra 5-6 inches makes a big difference.
I just made sure I got every rep up there. I'm not sure why I was so sore today, maybe it was monday coming back to haunt me on wednesday.
Extra was 75 abmats...

ok, i just ranted, then deleted a whole paragraph on eating. To summarize---Can't I just eat the damn cheeseburger and fries and feel better? i hate veggies, fish, and am sick of chicken and eggs and cooking for one, and not loosing weight. will someone just cook for me?


Christine said...

I can't talk anyone out of a food rant right now... but it's hot, humid and August in DC and I don't think it makes anyone feel good.

Bad day in the box that probably wasn't as bad as you think... you still worked at max capacity, even if the output wasn't at your expectations or previous best performance.

Let's fix the cooking for one thing, though and plan our own version of let's dish and see if we can do a little cooking ahead. My kitchen... name the time

Mark said...


I keep pushing this diet book/plan the Primal Blueprint. In addition to Crossfit - this is what is helping me lose weight and have some energy to get through the workouts. Here is a good intro. I have Katie trying it now too.

Katie said...

Erin, according to Sisson, you can haz the cheezburger, wiff bacon if you so preferz. Just ditch the bun.

I hear you on the WOD and on the food. I'm sick of always trying to be so good, but reading Sisson, a lot has clicked for me. I'm really enjoying eating again.

The only thing I can say, is do NOT get discouraged. We all have good days and bad ones too. The difference between being awesome and being a terd burglar is what you do with those bad days. If you sit and stew on every choice/wod you made, it'll drive you insane. The best thing to do is focus on tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day filled with new opportunities for you to do great, and get what you want.

Jerry Hill said...

Sisson seems to have a great way to approach fitting food into a healthy lifestyle.

Another thing to remember is the CrossFit tests the fittest - Greg Glassman has a great intro in this article;