Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chelsea wha...t?

Every minute on the minute complete, for 30 minutes
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats
Total: 9 rounds on the minute, plus 8 more

Gotta love a "Girl" workout mid-week. I've never done "Cindy", but I hear Cindy and Chelsea are sisters...I don't look forward to meeting Cindy after today's workout. I had absolutely no hope of actually doing this as RX'd so I subbed. I did 3pullups, 6pushups, 9 squats. I hung i there for 9 rounds on the minute...then I took a minute rest and started back in. I managed to eek out 8 more rounds. I was able to do a majority of the pushups off of my knees, which tells me some of my extra work is paying off. And, 6 is just a nice managable number. :)

My pulls were miserable and after round 11, I went to the floss band. I've just totally lost my ability to kip the second and third reps so keturah worked with me a bit on that today. I hope to get it back by the end of next week. The strength is there....

Tomorrow is a rest day from crossfit, but will hit it in the evening with the girls at Potomac River Running for what is bound to be a hot, sweaty, brutal 5 mile run.

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