Monday, August 10, 2009

First Friday-Round 6

First Friday-Round 6

65# Thrusters
Time: 11:41

Today marked my sixth first friday and the finish of 5 full months at CFOT. I'd been thinking about Fran for awhile since I was just getting comfy throwing weight over my head. But, as Friday neared, I was tired, not sleeping, and still at with the pullup bar. I did it anyways--but mostly because it was short.

The round of 21 got off well and I broke it into 10-6-5...then faced the dreaded bar. The kip is strong when I want it to be but I still cannot get the swing into the next is so frustrating. Round 2 was brutal, I couldn't keep my core tight and even dumped a few because of that and I went so deep I couldn't get out of the squat! 2 round of pullups went ok--3-3-3-2 and a bunch of singles. Nine dreaded thrusters...I did sets of three. pullups went 3-2-2-1-1. I was sad I couldn't hold out for more.

A mediocre workout. I pushed it hard, but the mental blockage and lack of confidence and repititious kip kills me in these workouts. I know I am strong enough to do solid sub-10 min, probably even 9, but it is all about the pullups. Maybe I'll finish challenge myself in December to a rematch.

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